I have this problem lately where I get super offended when I finish a book. I didn’t read at all for a few months because it hurt to hold anything, but I suddenly realized two weeks ago that that’s no longer an issue. So now I’ve sped through 11 books and I get offended when I finish because it’s difficult to find books that I’m interested in, so I’m either offended that the book wasn’t longer or that I didn’t read it slower.

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So often, modernizations and movie adaptations get a bad rap, and those who love the heart and soul of the original works fume at them with just indignation. But every once in a while, the adaptation isn’t bad. Every so often, they bring old worlds to new people, and that’s the best thing there is.

God bless this post.

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It is ridiculously difficult for me to resist the urge to run into the bedroom and poke Matt when he’s taking a nap. Not because I want attention, but just…he’s there and he’s asleep and it’s 3:30! On the other hand, when he takes a nap, I get to feel like a ninja when I sneak through the bedroom without him waking up/reacting. Ninja feelings are probably better than giving in to my twitchy pokey fingers.

Yeah, he called and left a message and I’m afraid to listen to it and I don’t know why. I’ve never been this anxious/awkward during the two or three phone conversations we’ve had over the past…year? Maybe a bit less. I hadn’t spoken to/communicated with him at all in ten years before I finally answered one of his calls and I was fine. Maybe one day I’ll digivolve into a real human being who can function.

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What I should be doing: baking all the things as a Mother’s Day gift because flowers and chocolate peanut butter truffles are not going to happen.

What I’m doing instead: stuffing spinach in my face and having feelings about The Legend of Korra.

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We’re going to see The Avengers tomorrow

So I decided to watch Thor and The Incredible Hulk to prepare, as I’ve already seen the others. I…kind of, maybe, a little bit, had to suppress a fangirl squeal when Tony Stark appeared at the end of the latter. It’s not that I’m attracted to Robert Downey, Jr. or anything, I just really, really like Tony Stark. Also I’m jealous of his computers. xD